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Arkansas Law of Damages Released

One of our attorneys, Christian H. Brill, and his father, Prof. Howard W. Brill recently published the 6th edition of Law of Damages, a comprehensive treatise on damages law in Arkansas. The volume is now available for purchase from Thomson Reuters.

Completely rewritten for the first time in more than a decade, the 6th edition of Law of Damages covers both the general principles of damages law in Arkansas and the damages relating to substantive principles of the law.

Part one treats damages generally, discussing damages in their many forms. Part two puts these varieties into perspective, relating them to substantive areas of the law.

The text also:

  1. Provides in-depth discussions of different types of damages, including punitive damages, compensatory damages, attorneys fees, interest, and costs

  2. Includes instruction on procedural and evidentiary aspects of proving and calculating damages

  3. Discusses application of statutes and case law regarding damages to specific fields of law

With over 4000 judicial decisions and numerous statutory and secondary references, the new edition comprehensively covers Arkansas law. It includes expanded sections on compensatory damages, apportionment of damages, attorney fees, contracts, real property, restitution and wrongful death.

Previous editions have been cited over 200 times by Arkansas state and federal courts. As it has for 30 years, the volume will continue to be an essential text for every Arkansas attorney’s book shelf, and will serve as a tool for bench and bar.

Brill, an Arkansas and Ohio attorney, has been practicing with Mallory Law Office, LLC since 2013.

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