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Nonresident Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Ohio law requires a real estate broker’s license before an individual or entity can sell, rent, lease, or manage property in return for a fee. However, an important exception does exist for commercial real estate brokers who are located outside the state.

Ohio Revised Code 4735.022 permits an out of state broker who is actively licensed in another state to act as a broker in Ohio without obtaining a license if certain conditions are met. The out of state broker may act as a broker in Ohio if it works in cooperation with a licensed Ohio broker.

The two parties must sign a written agreement detailing the terms of cooperation, and the out of state broker must agree to follow Ohio law, submit to the jurisdiction of Ohio courts, and provide an out of state certificate of good standing. Documents and trust funds must be held by the Ohio broker, and importantly, the name of the Ohio broker must be included on all advertising.

The Ohio Association of Realtors has more information on the topic, as well as a sample agreement.

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