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Property Tax Reductions Available for Ohio Farmers

Under Ohio’s Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) program, “land devoted exclusively to commercial agriculture” is valued based on the agricultural use of the land rather than its “highest and best probable legal use.” A CAUV valuation often results in a significant reduction in property taxes.

In order to qualify for the CAUV program, property larger than 10 acres must be devoted exclusively to commercial agriculture (such as animal husbandry, field crops, or commercial timber).  If the property devoted exclusively to commercial agriculture is smaller than 10 acres, it must generate a gross average income of $2,500.

An initial CAUV application must be filed with the county auditor prior to the first Monday of March.  Renewal applications must be filed each year.  The auditor’s office annually inspects each property to determine if the property qualifies for the CAUV program.

If CAUV land is converted to a non-agricultural use, the property is removed from the CAUV program and the property owner is assessed a recoupment charge equivalent to the tax savings over the previous three years.

For more information about the CAUV program, visit the Ohio Department of Taxation or the Ohio State Bar Association.

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