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Estate Planning

Our firm values being consummate professionals. There is no better example of that than advising clients about intimate and personal estate planning matter such as marriage, trusts for children, wills, and the end of life and giving those clients assurance that they have planned well for these important matters.

Sometimes the matters are quite simple, like creating wills for a newly married couple. Sometimes the issues are much more complicated, like helping a client care for an elderly parent in poor health. Either way, we handle these matters the same, with care, compassion, and wisdom.

We handle wills and we draft trusts for parents, married or single. Often this includes devising a plan to make certain children are protected and cared for. We handle difficult planning questions regularly and can offer helpful and seasoned advice on how to plan for the future.

If you are the adult children of elderly parents, we can assist you in planning for their needs. We also handle probate matters and can assist in property transfers and in structuring joint ownership or control of assets.

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