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Residential Real Estate

We regularly represent clients in the sale and purchase of homes and condominiums. We assist them in negotiating real estate purchase agreements and in working through the steps of closing the sale. In most cases, these transactions proceed smoothly, but when something out of the ordinary occurs, our experience is valuable in helping our clients respond.

We advise clients in how to structure the purchase or sale of their home to make financing efficient and to address estate-planning objectives.

We represent clients in litigation when the purchase or sale of a home does not go as expected. This often involves the discovery of an undisclosed condition of the property that comes up only after the sale.

For most people, the purchase and sale of a home happens infrequently. For us, it is a regular event. As a result, we are able to deal with the transaction effectively and efficiently. On request, we are glad to attend the real estate closing to help make sure the transaction is closed and completed smoothly.

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