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Mallory Law Office LLC

Serving Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area.


Our firm’s practice divides generally between corporate work, litigation, and estate planning. What our clients have in common is that most of them are business owners. And, while they own many different types of businesses — manufacturing firms, real estate development and construction firms, veterinary clinics, and consulting firms — the legal issues they face are largely the same.

I characterize our firm’s corporate work in two classes, one I call “blocking and tackling” and the other I call “organic”. The blocking and tackling is a football reference that means doing all the things that are necessary for the business to operate on a daily basis. This includes for example employment agreements, lease agreements, real estate purchase agreements, operating agreements, and collection matters. The organic matters are those that change the business fundamentally, like a purchase or sale agreement, a merger agreement, or a finance or refinance agreement.

Our litigation is general commercial litigation and typically includes breaches of contract claims, lease disputes, construction disputes, loan defaults, and commercial foreclosures. For our clients, litigation usually is something that is unplanned and a major distraction from their business operations. For our clients, litigation is not a cost of doing business.

Our estate planning work is unique in that our business owners typically hold their net wealth in their business, so there is a thin line between business planning and estate planning. Our estate planning typically involves considerations of succession planning as well.

Most of our work comes to us from existing clients or by referral from our clients. We are proud of our high client retention rates, and we think it is evidence of our clients being satisfied with the work we do for them. We pride ourselves on good, thorough, and timely communications, and on the quality of our work. We know these have enduring value that keep our clients coming back.

Timely Service

Urgent needs require urgent attention. We believe responsiveness is the professional’s obligation and is essential for creating long-term relationships.

Zealous Representation

We have families we want to provide for and to protect, just as our clients do. We understand the value of zealous representation and provide this to our clients.

Cost in Mind

We offer creative fee structures designed to make the purchase of legal services predictable. This way, our clients can prepare and stay within their legal budgets.


Our Story

We practice in the areas of real estate, business transactions, commercial litigation, and estate planning. We value every client relationship, and our aspiration is to become your trusted advisors.

We have been business owners and real estate developers ourselves, and we have been clients. We have families we want to provide for and to protect, just as our clients do. From these experiences, we understand the value of creative legal advice, decisive counsel, timely service, and zealous representation delivered with cost in mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients by providing quality legal services, cost effective representation, and timely performance while upholding and promoting the professionalism of the Bar.
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