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We generally divide our corporate work between “blocking and tackling” work and organic work. Blocking and tackling work refers to assisting, advising, and counseling our clients in preparing those standard business documents necessary to operate on a daily basis and to make money. This work includes drafting leases, license agreements, employment agreements, product sales and purchase agreements, drafting employee handbooks, and ensuring compliance with reporting and tax obligations.

Organic work refers to our representing our clients in forming corporate entities and structuring ownership agreements. We assist with buy-sell provisions and corporate dissolutions and liquidations.

We work with companies in structuring their relationships with their employees, independent contractors, and vendors. This work often involves important matters of protecting company secrets and controlling the terms on which such information is disclosed and used.

We also represent corporate clients in tax matters, including income tax, sales tax, and real estate tax.

We regularly represent companies in commercial litigation. We have experience in handling breach of contract claims, eviction matters, lease disputes, and the misappropriation or misuse of corporate intellectual property and corporate proprietary information.

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