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All In The Family: Do Job Applicants Match Your Company Culture?

According to a recent survey by the Conway Center for Family Business, about two-thirds of local family-owned businesses plan to increase hiring this year despite worries about finding qualified workers.  One of the major difficulties identified by leaders was finding applicants who fit with the existing company culture.

For the first time, the survey found a growing number of companies that said finding someone who was the “right fit” for the culture of the business was a challenge. These would be applicants who embody the value and the culture of the business.  The problem with hiring partly reflects a growing economy in central Ohio and family businesses that are doing well enough that they need to add staff. It also reflects the region’s low 4.4 percent jobless rate. 

Among the survey’s other findings:

  1. 90% of respondents said the local economy was going somewhat well or very well.

  2. After concerns about hiring, businesses expected to face challenges related to the costs of health care and materials.

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