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Most Small Businesses Unprepared for Disaster

Is your business prepared to survive a natural disaster?  Two-thirds of small businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan, often because owners believe developing a plan is a low priority or would be expensive.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Two-thirds of small-business owners don’t have a formal disaster-recovery plan, even though about half say it would take at least three months for their business to recover from a natural disaster, according to a Nationwide survey released Tuesday. . . . Formal plans can ensure everything from the safety of employees to having enough insurance coverage to keep a business in operation until it is back on its feet. Nationwide’s survey, for example, found that 71 percent of those surveyed don’t have insurance coverage for lost revenue during a recovery period. Studies have found that 25 percent of businesses never reopen after a major disaster. . . .  Although many businesses lack a formal plan, many have taken at least some steps to prepare for a disaster, the Nationwide survey showed, Many, for example, are able to work remotely in case of a disaster and have duplicated and stored vital records off-site.

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